Based in The Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, we have provided help and guidance for many individuals keen to record their life stories, family histories or novels.We work in an open and approachable way, to ensure that the process of bringing your story to life is an enjoyable and rewarding one.

The team is led by Toni Tingle, whose 25 years’ plus experience in the publishing, print and communications industry is the cornerstone of the business. Toni was formerly a member of the management team at Eaglehead Publishing, a specialist publisher of trade magazines and technical books about print and print management. Memoirs Books is her latest publishing venture. Already Memoirs has published more than 150 titles, ranging from children's books to self-help and motivational publications, family histories, personal memoirs, novels and career stories.

Chris Newton, Editor in Chief, worked as a newspaper and radio journalist and became a director of a leading PR consultancy before turning to writing and publishing. His lifelong passion for the written word soon led to a specialisation in writing and editing books. Chris’ biography of the celebrated wildlife broadcaster and writer, Hugh Falkus – A Life On The Edge, was widely acclaimed by the national press and described by one reviewer as having ‘a good claim to be the finest biography of an angler anyone has ever written.’

Chris' experience in interviewing and gathering information and his skill at writing and storytelling are a cornerstone of the Memoirs service.  He is adept at matching his writing style to the subject and the wishes of the author and at editing manuscripts of all kinds to produce polished, highly readable prose.

‘Newton writes with a precision and humour that beguiles… he has a lightness of touch; there is a hint of Bill Bryson’s style, but leavened rather than overburdened with wit… an education and a delight’. 

Trout & Salmon magazine on Chris’ latest book, The Trout’s Tale.